Sunday, March 1, 2009

MAIN's Executive Director on WPVM

Last night, Wally Bowen appeared on WPVM to answer questions from listeners on "Drop Beats Not Bombs", the popular hip-hop show hosted by Molly McDonough-Leota and Lucia Daugherty. The audio (minus music breaks) can be downloaded here.

Among other notable comments, is the exchange between Bowen and McDonough-Leota at timestamp 47:50, where a listener emailed in a question that started with a section of the September 8th resolution from MAIN's Board, which removed Mr. Bowen from station operations:

Molly: "...the Board recommends a new governance structure requiring WPVM to report to a subcommittee of the Board." And the question is, does that statement stand today?

Wally: That doesn't sound like the statement that I saw come out of Sept. 8th - I just don't think that's an accurate statement.

There's no question that it is accurate - it comes straight off the MAIN website:

On the audio clip, Mr. Bowen goes on to blame the controversy on poor communication and wishful thinking on the part of the volunteers, ducking the question completely. The fact is, that his own Board said in so many words, on HIS website, that they were recommending "a new governance structure requiring WPVM to report directly to a subcommittee of the board."
This is inconvenient, so Mr. Bowen is pretending that it didn't happen, raising serious questions about accountability and honesty.


  1. Haha! In the interview, Mr. Bowen states:

    "The statement of September 8th was that there would be this interim period"

    Looking at the press release statement on MAIN's website: - I do not see the word "interim" anywhere within the statement, nor do I see any reference to an interim period.

  2. I liked wally bowen's explanation of the conflict with the 9 banned volunteers:
    'They're all liars'
    Oh, ok. It looks like there was a simple explanation after all.