Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mountain Area Information Network Board of Directors Watch

Since the current turmoil started at WPVM in August, MAIN's Board has lost:


Directors. One's term expired, one due to health problems, Five to...well, would YOU want to be a part of what this Board is doing? This leaves six active members, with at least one inching closer to their term being up, and at least one privately hinting they want no more of this mess. This could bring them to, or below, the legal minimum of five. See the current (sort of - at the time of posting, at least two of those eight still listed have apparently resigned) makeup of MAIN's Board here.

The process for recruiting new Board members is unclear; the bylaws require that any and all new Board prospects be brought forward by a duly constituted Nominating Committee of the Board. It appears that this process has not functioned for some years, and the flow of new members seems to have come solely from the Executive Director himself (a questionable practice).

The Board has finally begun a Performance Evaluation of the Executive Director, something they are required by the bylaws to do annually, but this also has not been done in some years.

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