Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Confidence Statement

Below is a No Confidence statement drafted by the volunteers at WPVM. If you would like to electronically sign the statement, please send your name and your capacity (volunteer, donor, listener, supporter, etc...) to wpvmradio@yahoo.com, as a solid majority of volunteers and a growing list of former MAIN Board members have. Thanks!

On February 16th, nine longtime volunteer leaders were fired ("suspended" without recourse) from WPVM by Wally Bowen, MAIN's Executive Director. The previous, arbitrary firing ("suspension" without recourse) of a longtime volunteer in August still has not been adequately addressed; instead it has been greatly magnified. The subsequent manipulation of the Board process by MAIN's Executive Director has not justified the actions he has taken; rather, these actions punctuate the failed and dysfunctional leadership that has led this fine organization into its current state of crisis.

Therefore, we reluctantly yet emphatically state our vote of no confidence in the continued leadership of the current Executive Director. His failed management of this valuable community resource is a betrayal of the trust placed in him by the listeners, donors, subscribers, staff, and volunteers that make up the MAIN/WPVM family. Asheville deserves better, and the volunteers of WPVM stand committed to serve the community, in spite of the ill-advised actions of one man.

We invite all interested members of this community to let your voices be heard. MAIN's Board of Directors need to understand the disastrous course their Executive Director has taken them on, and change that course immediately. This attempt to divide, conquer, and ruin will not stand.

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