Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Interesting Statistics

Due to the recent purge of volunteers at WPVM, as well as the loss of several shows and hosts who stood in solidarity with the banned and other recent events at the station, WPVM has lost:

15 original programs

19 hosts of original programs

37.5 hours of original programming each week

69 combined years of experience and history at WPVM


  1. Now that's what I'm talking about; the PROGRESSIVE part of WPVM! Out with the old & in with... more automation?

  2. Can you list the shows and hosts lost?

  3. Seven Layer Dip ("Bella" & "Simone")
    Blows Against The Empire (Cecil Bothwell)
    Making Progress (Barry Summers & David Lynch)
    Thursday Morning Collaboraform (Stephanie Biziewski)
    Mental Notes (Steven Howard)
    Stunt-Cypher-Mayhem (Stephen Kirbach)
    The Strange Boutique (Brian Nesbit)
    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Greg Lyon)
    Wordplay (Jeff Davis)
    The Dr. Awesome Show (Jason Holland)
    The Cut (Jason Holland)
    Absolute Slacken (Mark Ritzenthaler)
    Paris of the South (Francois Manavit)
    Jazz Caravan (Jesse Junior)
    Nighttime Swerve (Adam Thome, Austin Hill, Trevor Baker)

  4. I should add that some of the programs above are still trying their best to air when possible, despite their hosts being banned from the station for at least 6 weeks, so their future is undetermined, at best.

  5. There are other volunteers that have left aside from those on the list.

  6. Ironically, the Mountain Express Article:,
    "With its mobile-broadband capability strengthened, the nonprofit will move into community journalism —a critical component, said Bowen, given the upheaval in the newspaper industry and the deaths of many papers nationwide.

    MAIN would employ at least one editor and pay community journalists to create news content that would be delivered online, via Asheville’s low-power FM station WPVM, and on URTV, the local public-access channel."

    WPVM has had community journalists since it's inception and this current conflict has driven most of them away. And I'm sure most of them would have appreciated a little cash for all their hard work which they did for the love of independent media. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

  7. Gaia wrote: "There are other volunteers that have left aside from those on the list."

    Very true. I inadvertantly left out:
    Kindra Phillips (Veterans Voices)
    and I have heard rumor that another show and host will soon be leaving as well.

    I have updated the post to refect the growing numbers. Apologies for not being as detailed as I should, but the exodus has been overwhelming.