Monday, March 2, 2009

Blue Banner Article from 9/18/08

Check out this article from The Blue Banner, UNC-Asheville's student newspaper, published September 18, 2008.

Here's an excerpt:

On Sept. 8, MAIN's Board of Directors held an emergency meeting. The following day the board announced a new governance structure for the station via a press release that also refused Hollands' resignation.

"We are hoping that by changing the structure and the way the board does business with WPVM, volunteers will feel they're on the same page and not have the sense of working at cross purposes with MAIN," Chair of the Board of Directors George Peery said. "We, by not paying attention to them, allowed that perception of neglect to exist."

Peery said the board proposed a new structure which requires WPVM volunteers report to a subcommittee of the board, rather than directly to Bowen.

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  1. Further proof that the Board intended for the change to be permanent, at least until the ED started manipulating the process and getting Board members to resign. This is not how a healthy organization should run.