Monday, February 16, 2009

A Letter To The MAIN Board

This letter has been posted with the kind permission of its author, David L. Rickman:

RE: Grassroots or Top-Down?
Monday, February 16, 2009 12:55:03 PM


Over the past few years I have become a loyal listener of WPVM. I have lived in nearly half of the United States, but settled down in Asheville when I realized THIS is home. THIS is where I will live for the rest of my life.

One of the aspects I love about this area is WPVM. Its grass-roots approach to broadcasting reflects the diversity and all that's best of Asheville. But now I see that there is a proposal to give authority and decision-making solely into the hand of the Executive Director. As I see it, you are trying to fix something that's not broken. Asheville is so diverse that, with all due respect to this "Executive Director", there is no way that the decisions of ONE person can possibly reflect the spirit of the Asheville area.

I have read the Statement from the MAIN Board of Directors embedded on the WPVM web site and it scares me. When I read the words, "standard model for organizational accountability in the nonprofit, blah, blah, blah...", that concerns me. You can see just by the way it is written that this will not be good for WPVM. As I read it, you want WPVM to become an ordinary station, when it's already an extraordinary station.

I have also read "Organizing WPVM". That's what I want to see. That is what I support. That is what Asheville is all about.

Please don't screw this station up. Keep the accountability in the hands of those who already make this station great. I listen full time at home, at work, and in my car. I never change the dial. Don't make me change my mind. Please support "Organizing WPVM".

David L. Rickman, Age 49
Citizen of Asheville


  1. Just hours after my email to WPVM was posted on this blog, we now have the "WPVM Nine". Thank you in advance to those volunteers who decline their "invitation" not to participate. I will attend the Monday meeting. As a loyal listener, please let me know what else I can do to participate in this democracy.

    My email is

    Let's fight "The good fight!"

    David L. Rickman

  2. Here here! Long live the volunteer spirit at wpvm which is the heart and soul of the station... where has the leadership been from the board and ED? Do they not realize that the times they are a-changing and a top down approach is senseless and backasswards? The station was cruising along just fine, growing and reaching an ever wider audience... thanks to all of the dedicated people who have made this happen and thanks for being THE progressive voice of the mountains... this new proposal from the board is regressive and I fully support the organizing structure created by the volunteers! Keep fighting the good fight, and while we are at it, someone quick call Amy Goodman and ask her to investigate... also check into the citizen takeover of KPFA in Berkeley in the late 90's that may be in order!

  3. I have a van and what I can offer at this time is a ride to anyone who wants to attend the meeting on Monday!

    Call me anytime tomorrow at 551-9887 or email me at:

    Let's do this!


  4. This is classic coup d'etat! Totally over the top. We will prevail.

  5. Who wants to join me in a community strike against this new "Interum Manager", the Executive Director of WPVM, and MAIN Board of Directors?

    They don't have the power or athority to stop the community, and we DO have the power influence those who help fund this station.

    Who's with me?


  6. "coup d'etat" ????

    really? think a takeover of the station is a practical solution????

  7. Yes call Amy Goodman to investigate a LPFM station squabble in Asheville NC.......why not call for a federal investigation while you're at it.....Oh, I forgot, the Federal Government is just one of Wally's pawn's.......har har har.....

    I do support those who are making a rational effort to bring about improvements at WPVM..... but some of this overblown "coupe d'etat" response is pure comical entertainment....